Into The Veil, 2015

Green-Wood Cemetery

Into The Veil 

On a warm October night in Brooklyn, over nine hundred attendees wandered throughout Green-Wood Cemetery. Programed by Atlas Obscura, Into The Veil curated an evening of experiences that illuminated New York City’s most monumental cemetery.

To add to the mystical experience of Into The Veil, I was asked to help design the music for the evening. Wanting to honor the lives and eras of Green-Wood Cemetery, I carefully selected music and performers that would bring out its history.

Performances ranged from a Bagpipe band, a French Horn Quartet, a Harpsichord, a Butoh Dancer, Theorbo player, big bands Gato Loco, Raya Brass Band, fortune tellers and many more..

The best way to understand the evening is to watch this beautiful video (where you will also hear and see me play my Stroh violin).

I asked the bagpipers to stand on this mausoleum at The Dewitt Clinton Circle when guests entered.

I placed the bagpipers on top The Dewitt Clinton Circle as guests began to enter.



Flamenco dancer Darci Manzo & Theorbo player Paul Morton combine their crafts in the Canda Mausoleum.



Friend Takuya Nakamura weaves harpsichord music into the interior of the Riddabock mausoleum.


Performing on Sylvan Lake with artist Ellena Phillips.

Myself performing on Sylvan Lake in an antique row boat with artist Ellena Phillips.

If you would like to see more pictures read this Atlas Obscura article.

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