“Adriana Molello is an exceptional violinist and a consummate professional. I have had much fun playing chamber music with her and we are lucky she is a part of the Ars viva chamber orchestra”

Jesse Henkensiefken
Cellist, Director
of Ars Viva Chamber Orchestra

“When an artist mentions to me that they want to record ‘strings’, they usually don’t understand that what they really want is an arranger, a contractor and a string player all rolled into one. Adriana is always my first call because I know she can deliver all of these things and can also be the go between for the artist and other players. Having someone who can adapt the parts during a session is key, and Adriana is always able to translate even the vaguest ideas of an artist into notes on a page”

Rick Kwan
Mixing Engineer
on Jim James Region of Light

“Adriana Molello’s warm, effervescent energy is contangious. Whether she’s performing, teaching, or making a mean Sangria, all those around her start feeling that all is right with the world after all.”

Masha Lankovsky
Violinist & Head of the Strings Dept.
at Brooklyn Conservatory of Music

“Adriana is a professional and wonderfully competent musician, with one of the best work ethics I have come across in my ten years in event industry. Her skills as a violinist are exemplary…and she has a great aptitude to adapt to any situation.”

Kyle Gonyea
USA Artistic Director
The Three Waiters International

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