SXSW with Lydia Ainsworth

When I tell people what I do for a living, the first question I get asked is; “How do you get work?” The answer is simple, it’s all through friends and people I’ve worked with.

 When electro artist, Lydia Ainsworth asked her sound guy to recommend string players for her shows at SXSW, my name got brought up.

 After talking to Lydia I got my good friend, Reenat Pinchas in on cello and we headed down to Austin. The three of us girls played some really fun shows during SXSW, including Pitchfork’s Party at The Mohawk and The Hype Hotel.

 There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of string players down at SXSW that year, so we got a lot of attention. Check out some of the cool pictures people took, it was obviously was a blast!

10649638_620470750270_1409031436445273268_n photo 3photo 4 (1)


photo 3 (1)
photo 1 (2)

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