Playing with Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson

Right before the holidays hit, I got to do a live recording session with Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson for their new song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.”

We had one rehearsal with Mark in New Jersey, where he was super nice and came up to  every single one of the string players to introduce himself. He also remembered that our contractor and concert master, Francesca used to play with Stevie Wonder; must have saw her at a show. Obviously, Mark has some kind of ninja memory. He also was intensely listening to us, it was actually a little nerve racking.

ANYWAY.. the next day we recorded with Miley at Electric Lady Studios (which is still such a cool studio). Her and Sean Lennon recored “War is Over” and then we recorded “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart.” We only did two takes, she sounded perfect. I love it when an artist lays it down like it’s nothing.

I got some good face time in the video too 🙂 haha

Enjoy –



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