Featured Artist on Atlas Obscura and Fernet Branca

Almost right after Into The Veil, Atlas Obscura asked me if I could host an event in San Francisco in collaboration with Fernet Branca. They wanted to host a Venetian style party at The Albion Castle, a hidden castle in the heart of San Francisco with underground cisterns.

Instead of doing a “Carnival” theme party that is most often associated with Venice, I wanted to do a fairy-tale inspired evening that took inspiration from the Eastern influences that contributed to Venice.

One really exciting feature of doing this event, is that I got to be featured on the Atlas Obscura & Fernet Branca websites! 


With only a few weeks to plan an immersive event I was able to bring out some amazing performers that I work with in New York. Corpus Callosum dancers; Lauren Caspar & Lauren Robbiani, chef Mallory Lance and singer Monica Salazar were able to come along for the performance.

I was also able to connect with some amazing artists in San Francisco, Rose Harden is an amazing dancer who had an awesome team of bird performers, Dan Cantrell put together an amazing Middle Eastern band, The Hanged Man Co. fully decorated a flora room and did palm reading and an old friend from college put together an amazing baroque ensemble. I also got to style many of the musicians too, which was really fun. Many thanks to The Brooklyn Botanica for loaning me an amazing assortment of kaftans!

Of course, many thanks to Atlas Obscura for this opportunity and to be featured on their website!!

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